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Mabu Generation

Trendy Taiwanese Fusion Cuisine

Food is one thing that can bring us all together. Featuring a unique list of Taiwanese fusion flavours, unparalleled service, and a warm-modern aesthetic, Mabu Generation offers a real feast for the senses.

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Mabu Generation

Soft Opening

Mabu Generation

Mabu Generation

We capture the essence of traditional Taiwanese cuisine blended with a modern sentiment in our dishes that emphasizes the authenticity and passion we have in our heritage.

Our Core Beliefs

A Taiwanese Story

Mabu Generation is a reflection of family and friends. In Taiwan, it is commonplace to see multi-generational families in homes, and through these generations, we have taken inspiration from Grandma’s traditional recipes to our Uncle’s modern take on night market staples.

Bringing East to West

The Mini Hot Pot

We took all the good stuff in hot pots and shrunk them down into personal-sized meals. Our individually sized hot pots are made with delicious soup bases from Grandma’s Taiwanese recipes, fresh farm vegetables, and high-quality meats and seafood. The best thing about mini hot pots is that you don’t have to share, only if you want to!

Since 2013, Mabu Generation has raised the bar for Taiwanese food fusion cuisine, and hospitality, and in Toronto. We are proud to be part of the first wave of modern Taiwanese restaurants to come to Toronto, and eventually inspiring many others to follow suit. The founders of Mabu Generation fully understand the complexities of Taiwanese food and how to masterfully mesh those unique flavours with French and Japanese ingredients to showcase this trendy category of cuisine.

Our Modern Take

On Regionally Inspired Taiwanese Cuisine

The Taiwanese Sausage, pronounced ‘Táishì xiāngcháng’, is a traditional favourite and renowned for its exquisite flavours. Now, a modern Asian night market staple, you can enjoy it on its own or pair this flavour packed goodness with our ‘Taiwanese BBQ Sausage and Minced Pork on Rice’. (Many locals enjoy it with thinly sliced raw garlic. 😋)

Our Mabu Generation family’s focus is on sharing our culture through quality food and to create an unforgettable dining experience. We love different flavours here and absolutely enjoy sharing our dishes that satisfy so many palates and tastes. From our famous savoury, crunchy Taiwanese-style Popcorn Chicken, our beloved Mini Hot Pots, to our Takoyaki crisped to perfection with octopus in every bite, we truly enjoy serving you.

Grilled Sliced Beef with Salmon Roe on Rice